Welcome to Student Energy Ambassadors for Change or SEA Change for short!


Started by Blue Planet Foundation, SEA Change is meant to help you understand the impact you leave on Hawaii and eventually the world concerning resources, energy, and the environment. We’re focused on what can happen in Hawaii because the change here can be an example for everyone else to see. It’s easy to think that there’s only so much you as one person can do, but you can make the difference by being an influence to those around you. If no one makes the change, where can we start?

We created SEA Change Challenges based on Blue Planet’s Advocacy, Awareness, and Action to give you a starting point.

  • Advocacy allows you to learn about the legal issues involved in moving towards a cleaner future and gives you a chance to speak out about issues you may feel passionate about.
  • Awareness gives you a better understanding of the issues we face, why they matter, and the steps you can take.
  • Action is about taking the steps to a cleaner future because knowledge isn’t useful without implementing it.

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